Chester Romans Continue #RomansGoGreen Campaign

The Chester Romans continue the #RomansGoGreen campaign with the first of several tree planting days.

With the aim to be the first carbon-neutral British American Football team, the Romans need to plant 383 native trees to offset the 2018/19 campaign’s carbon output based on the average car emissions and each team member’s journey to training, as well as coach trips to games.

A large portion of those 383 trees were planted on Saturday morning, by the initiative’s lead, and Romans’ media officer, Nathan James Sharrocks as he joined other Woodland Trust volunteers at the Smithill’s Estate in Bolton.

“The Climate Emergency is a real and dangerous threat and something we can all help to right,” said Sharrocks. “American football and conservation work are my two real passions, so I thought why not combine the two? The amount of road miles driven by Britballers really add up and we need to work towards being more responsible.”

As well as planting trees, Sharrocks will be taking part in peat restoration projects and creating new projects within the club including car share and plastic recycling schemes to go not only carbon neutral, but hopefully achieve a carbon positive status.

Other Britball teams are welcome to contact us for advice on how they can go carbon neutral too. Look for the Romans to continue the #RomansGoGreen campaign throughout the year.

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