Romans Announce “#GoGreen” Campaign

The Chester Romans are delighted to be working towards making the club more sustainable and environmentally conscious by beginning the #RomansGoGreen campaign.

Whilst this is just the beginning, we can safely say that we will be completely offsetting the Academy’s 2019 carbon footprint over the course of the next six months whilst introducing new recycling and sustainability measures across all teams.

“The current climate change crisis is well reported and this is the least I feel we can do as an Academy,” said Media Officer, Nathan James Sharrocks. “I’m also throwing down the challenge to any and all other British American football teams to look into their sustainability and introduce measures to be more environmentally conscious. I’m more than happy to help or offer advice and can be contacted either through Facebook or by email at”

A further release by Chairman, Richard Colin, following our #RomansGoGreen campaign launch –

“The #RomansGoGreen is a project very close to me and I am excited to bring a little bit of what I do in my work place to help the Romans become a more green, sustainable and environmentally friendly organisation with a lower carbon footprint.

As we all know climate change and human impacts on the environment is a hot topic right now, but the seeds of the 2020 project have been in development for a while, partially sparked by my career as a contaminated land specialist, where I work on projects that include flood defences, large scale developments and infrastructure work and remediation projects where the requirement to be as carbon efficient, sustainable and have a low impact on the environment is foremost.

One of my key goals on most projects is to look at ways of reducing waste, recycle and re-use and remediate contaminated impacted materials where possible, some of the key themes can be utilised in our day to day living to make a positive impact on our environment and long-term future.

The Geological Society has a key theme each year. Last year it was resource, before that risk, this year was Year of Carbon (, which strived to make geologists and scientists who belong to the organisation focus on important societal challenges associated with carbon and, of course, its consequence for the global climate system. This in turn sparked numerous conversations about the subject with Nathan who has a keen interest in a similar sphere. To that end we thought about what we could do.

We’ve come up with various ideas, so that even if people just do one of them, it will have a positive impact. These include encouraging our players to recycle more, lower or stop their use of single use plastics where practical, look at how our players and staff travel and encourage car sharing or utilisation of public transport to get to training, games or events. We are looking to use innovative technology and move to online collaboration techniques to reduce the need for unnecessary travel for team and committee meetings.

Where we can’t reduce our carbon footprint further, we will be collaborating with local and national eco charities to offset this by planting trees and helping restore peatland, a vital carbon store in the natural environment.

We’re looking forward to engaging with local companies, our sponsors, venue, visiting teams and the wider football and Cheshire community in order for them to work with us, develop further innovations and assist us in becoming a greener team for 2020 and achieve our goal to become the UK’s first carbon neutral American Football team!”

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